EDM, known as Electronic Dance Music emerged during the ’80s and has been popular in clubs, festivals, and raves. It is a mix of multiple genres that are played by DJs or Disk Jockeys. EDM is a popular music genre that is used for dance parties and celebration. It usually begins with slow beat music and goes to a high tempo of 200 beats per second. It combines house music with drums and techno to make the music danceable. It is produced using already produced music to make it large wild and inorganic. EDM is popularly known as dance music in Europe. The genre came into existence during the early ’80s when rave music and club culture started to gain popularity. Since people started to love rave music, the concept of using them with high beats came into discussion. It took no time for EDM to get popularity in Europe from its early days. Although EDM got popular in Europe, the dance culture was still not popular in America. However, electro and house music were still popular in both America and Europe. One reason for this genre for not being popular was its association with drugs. It was blamed to have a connection with rave culture and the local authority had to make strict law against EDM in its early days. The mix of different genres makes EDM rhythmic and danceable. This is one reason why people are using this music for celebration and parties. The mix of techno and drum beats makes it larger and some people might find it irritating as well. However, DJs are constantly using EDM to make the crowd go crazy and dance in the beat. The main component of EDM is the rhythm of the beats and it makes the music danceable. The beats are made from already produced music and combined with different genres to make it useful in parties. Although there are popular genres in the music industry, EDM has a different section of fans. People prefer to listen and use EDM when it comes to making the mood for fun. There are no special artists who are working in the field of EDM, rather DJs are the one who is keeping this genre alive and kicking. You will be hearing the beats more during the weekend and occasions like New Year and other festivals. People love to bang their head and dance freely with EDM.


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