Top 3 EDM Clubs Texas

Texas has a surprisingly large EDM family and the people are wonderful. Traveling between Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, there are quite a few different Texas EDM clubs you can go to for a good time. However, not all of these places are equal… Here is our list of the top 3 EDM clubs in Texas. 3. Kingdom Austin, Texas Coming in #3 is Kingdom in Austin, Texas. With events every weekend, this EDM club attracts some big names and also has after hours. The venue is a bit on the smaller side and can be packed with rowdy young students but if you don’t mind youngsters and tight spaces you’ll enjoy the music. 2. Stereo Live, Dallas #2 on our list is Stereo Live in Dallas. This one opened up after the one in Houston was such as success and it also attracts big names quite often. Here you’ll find a crowd a bit more devoted to actual EDM vs Austin. You’ll find ravers coming to dance and have a good time instead of just getting trashed. Great music, great people = great time.
  1. Stereo Live, Houston
Stereo Live in Houston came 1st place in our list of the top edm clubs in Houston. Houston has a large EDM group which is one of the friendliest around. With a large number of true EDM lovers you’ll find this venue packed almost every weekend. Attracting names such as Skrillex, Marshmello, ATB and cheap drinks you’re bound to have a blast! If you had to pick one place we say get your ass to Stereo Live in Houston. Find more about Houston EDM.