Going clubbing and grooving to your favorite beats on the dance floor can truly feel amazing, especially after you spend a long and tiresome day at work. It is a peaceful getaway from your hectic schedule. However, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has put the whole world to a halt, and has definitely not spared the fun nightclubs, festivals and concerts. It has been a long wait since we all are staying at our homes to prevent the spread of this highly infectious virus.


Work life has become home-based in a lot of cases, this assists big companies in operating amid this global pandemic. Therefore, the work stress is still there to haunt us all and drain our energies. How do we lower our daily stress like we used to back in the days when we were free to go clubbing? The joy of nightlife is something we have not experienced for quite a while now, and while we are still having to deal with our everyday workloads, there is simply no way of escaping it.


Well, if you think you are struggling from this sort of situation where you feel emotionally drained and exhausted due to having to stay at home, then we have good news for you. Just like office work has taken the form of work from home, physical clubs and other fun festivals have also shifted online to make sure you keep entertained and are able to enjoy the nightlife, at least to some extent.


You would be excited to know that many clubs are operating online, where your favorite DJs are all set to set your mood. Everything is pretty much the same when you think of it. You get dressed, put on a glam party makeover and dance your hearts out to the upbeat music that is being played. The only difference is that the entire setup is online, and you are connecting with your friends and other members of the nightclub through a screen. Now, this may seem a bit different to you, and you may be thinking that virtual clubs are not even close to the physical ones. Well, true that but the virtual setups that we are talking about can make you feel the closest to being in a physical one.


In order to take a virtual form, these physical clubs, festivals and concerts have put a lot of effort to make sure they make you experience the same atmosphere as clubs. The creative team pays great attention to ensure that your nighttime sesh do not turn out like the boring and lifeless Zoom calls, but instead offer you with unparalleled audio-visuals. Thus, you can be jamming to your favorite mashups in your pajamas, flaunting your dance skills and showing the best version of you by recording yourself from different angles or get involved in a two in one session where you simultaneously enjoy the funky music and dance as well as pay attention to your responsibilities or any other activity that you desire. The choice happens to be entirely yours and there is no one stopping you from being the best version of you in these groovy sessions.


Moving on, you may also find yourself the best LGBTQ+ clubs online and be a part of them within a few taps on your smart devices. Many of these clubs have started offering their own apps for the convenience of their customers, so downloading one of them can help you attain a more personalized experience and help you view all the club’s offerings in a single and easy-to-use space. Apart from all the music and dance, the virtual clubs and concerts are improving daily and bringing in fun stuff to take your entertainment level up by several notches. For instance, you and your friends and family get to participate in pub quizzes and have fun using the various filters available in the video calling application used by them. Some have also included chat boxes through which you can directly text your friends and family. This feature gives you the feeling of being connected with them and enjoying the entire sesh together.


These virtual clubs are also popular amongst people who were physically unable to visit one due to time constraints, having to look after kids at home or maybe any form of disability which puts a limit to their mobility. For these people, along with all of us who terribly miss the pre-Covid times of fun in clubs and concerts, these virtual alternatives help a great deal in keeping us all united and in good spirits.


In addition to clubs shifting online, many concerts of famous artists have also undergone the same transformation. Initially when Coronavirus had hit us with its first wave, these shows had to be cancelled which broke the hearts of millions of fans across the globe. However, for the eternal love of music and entertainment, many shows are being held live through virtual sessions so that the fans do not have to suffer from two setbacks at a time — being locked up in their homes and also missing the chance to enjoy the tunes by your favorite artists.


All in all, these virtual club setups and concerts can genuinely help us get through these tough times. These are the little things in life that can keep us happy and help us to have a positive mind. Thus, if you are feeling mentally exhausted due to staying and working at home all day, then do check out these virtual nighttime sessions. Wondering how you can find the best nighttime sesh for yourself? If so then check out HappyEDM. It can help you find the best concerts, virtual clubs, festivals and raves. In short, it is a one-stop shop for the ones who are seeking to incorporate entertainment to their dull lives or are missing the usual nightlife fun that was prevalent before the outbreak of COVID-19. Try it out, and we are sure that you are going to love it.